What Is Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is a process that provides recreational based interventions and treatment for children with illnesses, disability and autism in the aim to improve their mental health, physical health, emotional and spiritual health. The goal of these activities is to improve abilities the child may be lacking in such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, bus training, sensory integration, and physical therapy.

Hauora Health provides recreational opportunities for children to enhance their overall health, functional abilities, independence, quality of life, anxiety, stress, decision making, control, self expression, improvement in developmental skills, increased social skills, peer interaction, learning adaptive techniques during recreation, improved strength, endurance and activity levels, increase functional play and leisure skills.

Recreational Therapist SPECIALISE 

Play And SOcial Skills

Socializing and participating in activities are important for children to learn new skills. Exposing children in the community to larger groups gives the child the opportunity to interact with other children.

Gross Motor SKills

Is your child having difficulty doing large movements like riding a bike, ice skating, poor ball skills or being clumsy. Recreational Therapy can help to improve coordination, muscular strength & endurance to improve upon these skills.

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing disorder. Do you find your child covering his ears a lot, banging things really loud or making loud noises. Hauora Health can help improve these areas.  

Self Care SKills

Does your child have trouble grooming him self, toileting or dressing them selves. We Recreational Therapist are specialist in these areas.

Therapeutic Exercise

& Recreation

Improving your overall child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health through exercise based interventions and activities like ice skating, swimming, basketball, painting, crafts and physical therapy at the clinic. Exercise therapy helps improve the child's muscle tone, muscular strength, coordination and balance.

Fine Motor Skills

These are the skills that make every day life easier such as putting socks on, hand writing, opening doors and brushing teeth. Recreational Therapist can help improve your child in these areas.

Hauora Health Pediatric Recreational Therapy In Vancouver & Burnaby

Hauora Health provides pediatric recreational therapy services at Personal Best Cinic, Cherish Clinicrecreation centers, community centers and in the community. Hauora Health provides recreational therapy services in the following cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, Richmond, North Vancouver, White Rock, and Langley

Hauora Health Pediatric Recreational Therapy

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