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Meet Minami

Certified personal trainer & Bachelor of Science - BS Human Nutrition

Growing up I always had a love for bettering myself. Whether that be through the food that I ate, the way I moved my body, or even just taking care of my teeth. 

I also have a huge passion for strength training. Lifting weights is super empowering and it is a feeling that I would love for all women to experience! 

When it comes to nutrition...Well let's just say that food is everything to me!

I believe that nutritious diets don't have to consist of salads and calorie counting. 

By integrating a bit of movement, a diet full of colours & a bit of self-love, change can be made.  

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Making food & fitness enjoyable. 

Coaching with Minami Gillespie

Bee Coburn

"When I first started my gym journey I had no clue where to start. After being Minami’s client I can now confidently follow a plan.


I started the gym because I didn’t like how I looked but now after Minami’s guidance I enjoy the gym for different reasons other than changing my body. The weights I use have dramatically gone up since I started my gym journey and that’s the change I like to see and the physical changes are just bonuses.


Minami’s program has shown me that food is fuel and you can’t just go to the gym and expect change. You have to work on your mental well-being too. I have just started the second program that Minami has written me. I can’t wait to see my progress!"

Alex Fenwick 

"I’ve been training for around four years now and have always put off doing a program having a PT etc because I thought I didn’t need one.


This program has been such a blessing! The amount of confidence I have gained especially with using weights and having confidence entering the weights room has been amazing.


Before doing this I lacked routine and confidence but now I really look forward to going to the gym.

I feel stronger, happier and I look forward to continuing to go to the gym and get a little better every time. I’m really glad I took the fitness program leap with you Minami it’s been great!!"

Jess Parkin

"I absolutely loved this program! I found myself pushing myself as the weeks went along and noticed a big difference in my strength from start to finish.

I was able to set goals and enjoyed having a program to follow and this allowed me to have something to look forward to before going to the gym.


I enjoyed how the program had similar/same exercises as it meant I could track my progress for each exercise.  Following a program meant I was more determined to stay on track with my nutrition and include light cardio into my week as well."

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